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I am looking into a way to integrate limited-vocabulary speech recognition into my Android app (since Google Voice Search relies on Internet access which isn't always available to users).

I found a Nuance page enticing programmers to download NDEV or the "Dragon Mobile SDK" but if it requires Internet access just like Google Voice Search, why should I be even interested in it?

Unfortunately, Nuance's page is not very informative and requires you to register (and sign a dragonian agreement...) before you get a chance to spend time to download & play with the kit only to discover that it's not what you're looking for...

Do you happen to know whether the speech-recognition part of NDEV or he "Dragon Mobile SDK" require Internet access?

Do you know of any off-the-shelf SDK for Android that doesn't require Internet access (i.e. some limited-vocabulary speech recognition can be done locally on the Android device)?

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Yes, it does. I do know that Nuance developed an android service in house to do on device speech (I know because I wrote the android wrapper), but it was a giant apk with all the data files. One of their selling points is a small size sdk. So I doubt its in use in ndev. –  Gabe Sechan Apr 8 '13 at 4:06

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Yes, NDEV does require Internet access. Their SDK is just an API wrapper + the UI with the microphone button (and the code necessary to capture the audio properly).

If you need local speech recognition, have a look at Sphinx, it's a great project.

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On most phones (with hardware powerful enough) Google's own speech recognition can be set to work offline. Simply go to Settings->Language and Input-> Voice Search -> Offline Speech Recognition There you'll be able to download data for any language you need available offline.

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