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Since there is no equivalent of python numpy, pandas in javascript. Is there a way to use them with meteor. numpy will do the heavy engineering and scientific computations and meteor will do everything else that is required for an engineering/scientific web application.

Is this doable or just crazy thought.

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Interesting question!

Yes it should be possible either with the truckload of npm modules out there, one might do scientific calculation, I know theres a couple with matlab & mathematica.

If you're used to numPy you could use could too! You have to build a custom package for meteor.

There is a good example of a meteor package using a NPM module at : https://github.com/avital/meteor-xml2js-npm-demo.

On good example is the python (the npm module) : https://npmjs.org/package/python. Which lets you run python code and let node talk to it. So you could do heavy computational stuff with numPy and have meteor run it/talk to/get the results as they are changing.

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