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I have a Mac with 10.7.5.


I have attempted everything reasonably sane: Oracle's "how to uninstall J7" (ha! only removes the browser JRE) Re-installing Apple's java update

Forceably deleting everything in that update, and then re-installing that update.

Learning about "java_home", and that I have three different JDK's.

I've seen plenty of people saying "Use java_home, and some simple scripts, shell functions, environment variables, etc, to tell the system what to use".

But ...

Double clicking a ".jar", or the "open" command, etc -- all of those, probably more, don't care about your environment. They run out of launch services, or out of finder, or out of launchD, or out of something else.

And ... "one size fits all" isn't the answer either. I certainly want to make J6 the default for all java programs, but that has no obvious "how to".

Deleting the J7 JDK would work, but that isn't what I want -- I do want to play with, and experiment with J7, to get this program to work. ("Minecraft", as well as a number of tools and utilities for it).

And even deleting J7 JDK doesn't solve the issue -- there are two different J6 JDK/runtimes, and I want the 32 bit, not the 64 bit, by default.

And this doesn't even get into the question of "default arguments" for java -- minecraft is a worst-case fit for Java's default garbage collector, and a number of GC arguments exist to alter.


  1. How do I specify a system-wide, or a login-wide, default java runtime, instead of just the highest numbered JDK,
  2. How can I specify default arguments for the JDK
  3. How can I tell the system that certain jars open with different options than the default

Again: I know about /usr/libexec/java_home. I know about the $JAVA_HOME environment variable.

I need to be able to work with double clicking something in finder, the "open" command, etc.

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Run /Applications/Untilities/Java

enter image description here

Either disable Java 7, or prioritize it lower.

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