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Using SASS, is it possible to perform multiple color operations on a single hex code? I would like to programmatically lighten and increase saturation by 5%.

saturate($color, $amount)
lighten($color, $amount)
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You can chain them together:

saturate(lighten($color, $amount), $amount)
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If you want to do it only once, just use it one after another:

$color: #123
$amount: 5%
$color: saturate($color, $amount)
$color: lighten($color, $amount)

  background-color: $color

If you want to to it repeatedly, create a function:

@function saturate-and-lighten($color, $amount)
  $output: saturate($color, $amount)
  $output: lighten($output, $amount)
  @return $output

Then use it like this:

  background-color: saturate-and-lighten(#123, 5%)
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