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I am trying to see if this is even possible, if so i would need some insight on how to do this.

I have created a statement below

select wp_cart66_orders.*, wp_cart66_order_items.* from wp_cart66_orders, wp_cart66_order_items where wp_cart66_orders.id=wp_cart66_order_items.order_id and wp_cart66_orders.status = 'new';

the 2 colums that i am looking at are

item_number and product_price 

within the 2 columns the data looks like below item_number:purp1 product_price: 53.00

each time i see purp1 and 53.00 i want to insert a 13 in that same table in a new column called weight

does that make sense? is this even possible in mysql?

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If you need to add columns to your tables, then your table design is not finished, and you should go back to the table and re-think your tables.

If you need to display a value on a result when two fields have some values, then an if() should do it:

    if(item_number == 'purp1' and product_price==53, 13, 0) as aValue
from ...

Altering tables in runtime is a delicate issue, and should be avoided, unless is specifically needed by your program

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ok, thank you. the database was already designed. Should i create a view? would i be able to achieve this with a view? –  drsixpac Apr 8 '13 at 5:33
@drsixpac of course you can, that's what views are for: to present your data in the most convenient way for you –  Barranka Apr 8 '13 at 14:59

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