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I am currently migrate some legacy data from CRM 4.0 to CRM2011, however, there is big barrier on the Many-to-Many relationship importing, I have search for the solution and get this from codeplex, when I importing data, it keep get 'Issues on line 1 - line has 1 instead of 2' error, any advise on it Thanks

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I don't know how that tool is working but I found this blog that covers how to do an import of many-to-many. Other than that it's cusom coding that will solve this issue I'm afraid. Write a program that does what you want, it will take some time and it's not a trivial task but it might be the only way.

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The Codeplex you mention actually works, I just tested it.

There is however an issue regarding the file encoding format. As a workaround you can copy past your csv content within notepad++, use encoding UTF8 and save it -> the import will work fine then.

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