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If there are three devices A,B and C are connected using Wifi-direct , assuming B is Group Owner.

How can A sends messages to C?On running the Android wifi direct demo ,I noticed that A and C knows about B's IP address.

There is no method avialable to get the IP address of A and C.

To create a small chat application Do I need to create a server at B(Group Owner) ?

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Yes, you'll need to create a server at B.

When you create a group, the only IP address anybody knows is the group owner. If you want A and C to communicate, you'll need to have them send their IP addresses to B, then B can send C's address to A and vice-versa.

It's kinda gross. I'm trying to solve this problem too.

I'm thinking that the regular NSD protocol might be promising, but I'm not sure if it will work over wifi direct.

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