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In ant if want to execute more than one target, we can do it like this,

ant target1 target2 target3

Other way could be, create target4 like

<target name="target4" depends="target1,target2,target3" />

but the problem is, one of my target definition is:

<target name="buildApp" depends="init,copy-all-requiredfiles-local,wait-to-merge,compile,createWAR,deployAll"/>

and if i want to execute buildApp then it will run all associated targets too, as obvious. Is it possible to execute the buildApp target without executing deployAll target?

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Your targets and dependencies are interesting. I would think deployAll has a dependency on buildApp and not the other way round. –  Miserable Variable Oct 19 '09 at 8:31

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A possibility would be add a condition to your deployAll target like this.

<target name="depolyAll" unless="doNotDeploy">

Then when you want to run buildApp without deployAll on the commandline just do

ant -DdoNotDeploy=true buildAll

btw. note that unless just checks if the property is set. Not what the value is.

But this behaviour should be documented and is a little obscure.

I would consider explicitly creating a second build target e.g. buildAllWithoutDeploy which just misses the deploy target

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+1 fot unless thing. :) –  Rakesh Juyal Oct 19 '09 at 7:35

Why not create another target for it?

<target name="buildAppNoDeploy" depends="init,copy-all-requiredfiles-local,wait-to-merge,compile,createWAR"/>
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certainly i can create another target, but i was not expecting this. :) –  Rakesh Juyal Oct 19 '09 at 7:34

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