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I ran rails generate model XXXX user_id:integer stream_url:text etc

I noticed that t.timestamps was part of the migration file. Can I manually remove this line without causing any problems in the future?

I searched and couldn't find an answer. I just wanted to check in advance before it causes issues down the line.

I'm trying to follow the steps in this link http://ckdake.com/content/2010/posting-to-twitter-from-a-ruby-on-rails-app.html to use the twitter gem

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In rails migration logic t.timestamp is just add two colums created_at, updated_at. Exactly this two columns are required when you forming the model query based on the time created, updated.

If you are not going to use this types of query in future, absolutely you can ignore it.

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Use rails g model MyModel --no-timestamps

More info with rails g model --help

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