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I use the below code for add images into list box.

public class ImageData
        public string ImagePath

        public string Name
private void Images_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

List<ImageData> dataSource = new List<ImageData>() 
                    new ImageData(){Name="XXX", ImagePath="XXX.png"},
                    new ImageData(){Name="YYY", ImagePath="YYY.png"},
                    new ImageData(){Name="ZZZ", ImagePath="ZZZ.png"},

        this.Image_List.ItemsSource = dataSource;

This Code is working fine....

Now I want to select particular image and paste it into the image control or canvas.

It is possible.

Please Help Me. Thanks In Advance........

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You should use SelectedItem property and cast it to ImageData

var selectedImage = (ImageData)this.Image_List.SelectedItem;

there is good example of how to use it on msdn

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