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We are creating C# , ASP.Net application. I need to create autoGenerate ID's depending upon 5 groups & show it in textbox

Suppose there are 5 Groups, (1000 -2000 is Number Range for AutoGeneration of No)

Group 1 ---> 1000-2000
Group 2 ---> 2001-3000
Group 3 ---> 3001-4000
Group 4 ---> 4001-5000
Group 5 ---> 5001-6000

For Group 1, first record no will be 1000, Next will be 1001 . but if user enter 1500 , it must take same no, But after that Next time autogeneared no will be 1002 not 1501.

How this logic should be implemented. Any help will be appreciated.

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Have you already tried anything? It sounds rather easy problem, so I'm curious where is the problem you've met. – MarcinJuraszek Apr 8 '13 at 7:33

in mysql you could do

  IF(MIN(myId) is null, @minimum, MIN(myId) + 1) AS nextId 
  myTable t1
    LEFT JOIN myTable t2
      ON t2.myId = (t1.myId + 1)
  t2.myId is null
  AND t1.myId >= @minimum

@minimum should be the start of the group range (eg 1000, 2000, etc)

In the other languages I suggest a simple for-loop

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