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Removing tag from the default widget not working by using any of the templates it appears (eg widget.cshtml/common) templates.

(not duplicate of Orchard CMS - Remove Title and Metadata(published date) in a post)

Also overriding widget.cshtml doesnt appear to work as and is wrapper around this/inserted. Appears no doc on using Placement.info to do this either.. Appreciate any ideas..

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You need to override Widget.Wrapper.cshtml in your theme.

The original one can be found in /Modules/Orchard.Widgets/Views/

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Thank You, [note: may need to 'include in project' /code/ directory in order to view widget.wrapper.cshtml in shape tracer and index for file search [CTL + ,] –  Nicolaas van den Broek Apr 16 '13 at 10:33

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