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firstly I want to say that i searched in so for other questions and i had some more questions. I've coded some applications that accepts credit card payments. But now I want to accept payments with recurring billing. I have no idea about how to implement it. I don't want to use Paypal or another same solution. I think storing credit card info is bad choice. I search in SO and I saw about Gateways. To implement recurring billing, is gateway a must? And how can I sure about gateways reliability and security? They will also store users credit card infos. Thanks for answers.

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@John Conde I think you have some problems about understanding the question. I don't know how to implement it, I searched and I can't find the solution. I don't want any code, I just want a description for "is gateway a must" or any reference. –  Mehmet Apr 8 '13 at 11:57
I agree with John. The question is a bit of a ramble and its not at all clear what you're asking. If you want to entirely avoid using an established gateway, then you're talking about becoming a Payment Service Provider (PSP) and this q&a may be relevant: stackoverflow.com/questions/2647430/… –  PaulG Apr 8 '13 at 15:39

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Recurring billing can be a complicated task to tackle. Combine that with dealing with PCI to store credit cards, you are better off using a service that specializes in dealing with the those types of problems. For instance Recurly (I work for Recurly), makes adding recurring billing to your existing solution a breeze. They provide you with forms to collect and store credit card data (minimizing PCI liability) as well as an API to make any modifications. There are also client libraries for PHP, Python, and Ruby to help make interacting with the API simpler.

A gateway is what actually validates the credit cards and distributes the funds into your merchant bank account. Different gateways deal with credit cards differently. For instance, Recurly and Braintree have a credit card vault for recurring payments where Authorize.net offers Customer Information manager (CIM).

Here is a great post comparing the different recurring billing options.

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