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I am working on an app than needs to be able to capture gestures while accessibility and Explore By Touch is enable. I have seen this answer for single touch - How can I maintain a one pointer gesture when explore-by-touch is enabled?

But in my app the user must perform multi touch events. The problem is that due to the Explore By Touch function that makes two fingers touch to behave like a single touch on regular mode, all my two fingers gestures aren't recognized. Is there a way to override Explore By Touch completely or the entire Accessibility for my specific app? (I can perform the other accessibility functions from my app)


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It is not possible to override Explore By Touch from within your code as it is an accessibility service that must be enabled/disabled by the user manually from within system settings.

However, TV Raman explains in his Google IO presentation - Making Android Apps Accessible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3HliaMjL38

That the user can add a finger to the required gesture. so, a double-tapp passes a single tap to the underlying view, a 2-finger swipe passes a 1-finger swipe to the underlying view etc.

If you try pinch and zoom with 3 rather than 2-fingers in Chrome, that works. try your app with 3-finger gestures and see if your 2-finger gestures are now recognized.

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