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Is there any way to give different font size to each line of a label with "n" no of lines. I dont want to take multiple labels for this purpose. plz help!!!

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Starting with iOS 6, you can use NSAttributedString in UILabel.

An NSAttributedString object manages character strings and associated sets of attributes (for example, font and kerning) that apply to individual characters or ranges of characters in the string.

NSMutableAttributedString *attrStr = ...
myLabel.attributedText = attrStr;
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Yes, but You have to use UIWebView, pass your text in html format.

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If you are targeting iOS < 6.0 then by using UILabel its not at all possible. Else you can refer dasblinkenlight answer (for iOS > 6)

There are couple of methods by which you can implement same :

  1. Use UIWebView
  2. Create UILabel for different fonts you want and set their frame as you want to display.

Hope this helps you..

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It is possible with UILabel starting with iOS6. – svena Apr 8 '13 at 7:59

UILabel with NSAttributedString(iOS 6 and later).

Or UIWebView with html-strings, but my favorit is a UITextView with html-strings. You can use it like this:

UITextView *tView=[UITextView new];
[tView setValue:@"<b>foo</b>bar" forKey:@"contentToHTMLString"];

UITextViews are easier to handle then UIWebView, especially if you don't need all the functionality of the WebView.

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