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I started out writing a little hack and did a few "gem install xxx" along the way. Now the little hack has grown large, I don't recall all the gems I've installed and, for portability, I'd like to create a Gemfile that specifies the required gems.

Is there a reliable way to find out what gems my app is using so I can specify them in a Gemfile? I can create a fresh environment, run it, and see what breaks. But perhaps there's a simpler way?

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Monkey-patching and good test suite are your friends. Use this:

module Kernel
  alias_method :old_require, :require
  def require(name)
    puts name

And run your test.

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Looks good. Perhaps I should keep a level count as well; I'm interested in the toplevel gems that my code requires, not so interested in the lower-level dependencies. (Presumably the dependencies are accurately in the gemspecs.) Agreed? –  fearless_fool Apr 8 '13 at 8:23

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