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i am giving the $second variable as: E:\oracle\V44\EBSapps\appl\admin\adalldefaults.txt<br/>

both strings are same, but through that operator these are not matching. why?

my $first="E:\\oracle\\V44\\EBSapps\\appl\\admin\\adalldefaults.txt";
chomp(my $second=<STDIN>);

print "$first\n";
print "$second\n";
print length($first);print "\n";
print length($second);print "\n";

if ($first !~ /$second/i)
    print "string didn't matched\n";
    print "string matched\n";
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Probably because you're matching in a Regexp context? so "\a" is interpreted as "a" or it has a special other meaning ? (wild guess, I didn't test). Therefore "\a" doesn't match "\a" anymore, but matches "a" or another thing if it's a special perl regexp char. (Same thing for "\o" and "\V" and "\E") – Olivier Dulac Apr 8 '13 at 9:08


$first !~ /\Q$second\E/i

The \Q will apply the quotemeta function which quotes all the special characters up to \E.

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its working. thanks a lot – Seetendra Sengar Apr 8 '13 at 9:27

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