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There is an update function in the controller i use:

public static Result updateCustomer(Long id) {
    Form<CustomerData> customerDataForm = form(CustomerData.class)

    if (customerDataForm.hasErrors()) {
        return badRequest(views.html.admin.customerFormEdit
    flash("success", "Customer " + customerDataForm.get().customerName
            + " has been updated");
    return CLIENT_HOME;

but it won't save empty input text values, not even the unticked checkboxes.

When i tick a checkbox, or input any value to any field it's saved on update, but if i want to save empty input or unticked checkbox it does not remove the previously saved value on update.

How can i solve this?

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I think your updateCustomer function is fine. Can you provide your model and your view code please? – Wayan Wiprayoga Apr 8 '13 at 16:12

Following example shows that we can save/update empty value of input or ticked/not ticked checkbox:

The Controller:

public static Result editCustomer() {
    // find CustomerData, Note: this use hard coded ID
    CustomerData customerData = CustomerData.find.byId(1L); 
    Form<CustomerData> customerDataForm = Form.form(CustomerData.class)

    return ok(views.html.editCustomer.render(customerDataForm));

public static Result updateCustomer() {
    Form<CustomerData> customerDataForm = Form.form(CustomerData.class)

    if (customerDataForm.hasErrors()) {
        return badRequest(editCustomer.render(customerDataForm));
    CustomerData customerData = customerDataForm.get();

    // update data, Note: this use hard coded ID
    flash("success", "Customer ID " + + " has been updated");

    return redirect(routes.Application.editCustomer());

The Model:

public class CustomerData extends Model {
    public Long id;
    public String name;
    public boolean isMember;

    public static Finder<Long, CustomerData> find = new Finder<>(
        Long.class, CustomerData.class

The Views:

@(customerDataForm: Form[models.CustomerData])
@import views.html.helper._

@main(title = "Edit Customer Data") {
    @form(routes.Application.updateCustomer()) {
        @*** Note: this use hard coded ID ***@
        <input type="hidden" name="id" value="1">
        @inputText(customerDataForm("name"), 'label -> "Customer Name")

        <input type="submit" value="Submit">

Hope this will be helpful. :)

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