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I am build web analytics, It deals with tracking the click and mouse movements, For this i don't want to send the data to server for every mouse move or click instead i planned to save locally and the data is send to server at session time out or while closing the browser or tab (closing the web site).

Note: Large amount of data is to be stored locally.

I know some possible ways to store the data locally.

      Drawbacks:  Domain Specific so i can't rely on this.

     Drawbacks: 1.Analytics fails if cookie is disabled
                2.Not possible to store large amount of data
                     (scenario: Every mouse movement 
                      co-ordinates should be captured)

I am having two question

1.Whether storing data locally is good practice(specific with the web analytics)?

2.Is there any other possible ways of storing large amount(cannot assume) of data locally?

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w3.org/TR/webstorage –  mithunsatheesh Apr 8 '13 at 9:55
What event are you using, onbeforeunload? you should probably read this as well. stackoverflow.com/questions/138411/… –  Grant Kiely Apr 8 '13 at 10:00

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At least Safari and Chrome have a Web SQL Database API so you'll be able to use sqlite instead of raw local storage. I found a good article about sqlite usage in web browser.

An other option would be to keep your data straight in memory (and push it to the server when a certain size is reached).

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