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I'm looking for an MVVM implementation for ASP.NET. How should I approach this ? Can you propose any design that solves this problem particularly for ASP.NET Webforms ?


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Take a look at ASP.NET MVVM on CodePlex.

The framework author also talks about it a little in Presentation Model in Action.

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A lot of MVC'ers are doing something akin to a view model in the sense that instead of returning domain objects to the controller, they have a flattened data structure (a view model) of all the data needed for that view regardless of how many domain objects worth of data it contains. In that regard a view model is very doable with MVC, and I'm sure it could be leveraged in webforms as well. However, there is no way that I know of to do the two way databinding / commanding / event aggregation that is associated with MVVM in WPF.

Although I don't know of any webform implimentations you could try some of the approaches described here:
Jimmy Bogard - How we do MVC

Here is a very interesting article on how to do MVP in winforms:
Castle Windsor's MVP with ASP.NET

Maybe you can create a hybrid of these two approaches using webforms.

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Could you please answer… ? –  Lijo Jan 18 '12 at 5:25

Have a look at a demo of the ViewModel concept done simply and clearly by Craig Shoemaker. He blogged about it here and the code sample is available too.

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