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In cocos2d.We use

CCGLView *glView = [CCGLView viewWithFrame:[window_ bounds] pixelFormat:kEAGLColorFormatRGB565 //kEAGLColorFormatRGBA8 depthFormat:0 //GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT24_OES preserveBackbuffer:NO sharegroup:nil multiSampling:NO numberOfSamples:0];

to create an CCGLView with a color buffer, and a depth buffer. But what the buffer meaning?

And we use

[CCTexture2D setDefaultAlphaPixelFormat:kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGBA8888];

to set texture format. What the meaning of it.

I can not find the relationship and different between buffer and texture format. And how they work?

We set a 16-bit buffer but set a 32-bit texture format. Why?

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Refer to these links:

Explanation of what buffers are and how they apply to Cocos2d
http://www.learn-cocos2d.com/2012/11/optimize-memory-usage-bundle-size-cocos2d-app/ http://www.glprogramming.com/red/chapter10.html

cocos2d documentation on buffers

cocos2d documentation on RGBA8888

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