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I would like to know how to zoom in on my pdf files in an iframe, with the default set at something like 200%.

I know that iframe, when used to view pdf files, has a zoom 'bar' that pops up, but I want to set the zoom by default so that users don't have to manually zoom. How do I achieve this?

My iframe code is:

<iframe id="pdfFrame" runat="server" style="height:375px;width:550px;" />

And code behind to view a pdf is:

pdfFrame.Attributes["src"] = "../pdfDocs.ashx?ID=" + index[i];

As you can see, I am using a handler, because my pdf is a varbinary in sql. No issues to pull anything out. My issue is the size of the file in the iframe.

I have tried to follow resize the pdf in iframe but note that I am not using a src in my iframe. And I have looked at How can I scale the content of an iframe? but that is not working.

I am using a master page and this aspx page is one of the content pages, so I would not like to modify the size of the pdf to clash with the master page's content.

How can I set the size? is it something in my handler? Or something in code?

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its ok. I used a query string to get the id I needed, then redirected to another page with a bigger iframe, one that was not a part of the master page styling. then I loaded it and, got a bigger pdf

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