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I am trying to fit a plot in gnuplot using logscale. I have 50000 data points. At first I fit plot in this way.

 f(x) = b + m*x
 fit f(x) "xyMSD-all-mal-cel-iso-bcm-thermo2.dat" using 1:2  via m,b

I got slope value. Then I tried to get slope value at different range as below.

 fit [30000:50000] f(x) "xyMSD-all-mal-cel-iso-bcm-thermo2.dat" using 1:2  via m,b

The above code works fine. In next attempt I tried,

 f(x) = b + m*x
 fit f(x) "xyMSD-all-mal-cel-iso-bcm-thermo2.dat" using (log($1)):(log($2)) via m,b

Above works fine too. I get the slope value. Then I tried to choose the xrange like below. This is where I have problem. It does not work.

 fit [500:5000] f(x) "xyMSD-all-mal-cel-iso-bcm-thermo2.dat" using (log($1)):(log($2)) via m,b

Is there any way to achieve this? Appreciate any help

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"It does not work" -- What doesn't work about it? Does gnuplot give you an error? If so, what is it? –  mgilson Apr 8 '13 at 17:27
Means I dont get the fit between the specified range. For example x range from [30000:50000]. When I execute the script I get error message as { Read 9999 points Skipped 9999 points outside range [x=30000:50000] No data to fit } –  Vijay Apr 8 '13 at 23:52

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The range has to fit the expression, which in your case are log values. So make sure the log values are within range. For example, if your range for ($1):($2) is [500:5000], then the corresponding range for (log($1)):(log($2)) should be something like [2.69:3.69].

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