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how to integrate powershell with ASP.net web page so any time any one click on asp.net page button . The powershell on the remote exchange server will execute and return the result . Also that result has to be send back to asp.net page to display on web page to user. can you please help on this.

Thanks Swapnil Gangrade

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Look at code project article about running powershell from C#. The sample code is following:

private string RunScript(string scriptText)
    // create Powershell runspace

    Runspace runspace = RunspaceFactory.CreateRunspace();

    // open it


    // create a pipeline and feed it the script text

    Pipeline pipeline = runspace.CreatePipeline();

    // add an extra command to transform the script
    // output objects into nicely formatted strings

    // remove this line to get the actual objects
    // that the script returns. For example, the script

    // "Get-Process" returns a collection
    // of System.Diagnostics.Process instances.


    // execute the script

    Collection<psobject /> results = pipeline.Invoke();

    // close the runspace


    // convert the script result into a single string

    StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
    foreach (PSObject obj in results)

    return stringBuilder.ToString();

But be careful with impersonating, because you can run this powershell as wrong user.

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Provide a summary of the link, if it dies, your answer will become useless. Please see – Jonathan Drapeau Sep 30 '13 at 20:28
@JonathanDrapeau here you are – Piotr Stapp Oct 1 '13 at 6:25

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