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So, i success to install Drupal 7 Acquia the first time i did it.

I had to remove all and remake the installation

But now when i launch the installation, profile and language settings are auto-loaded and i can't change them anymore :


enter image description here

I past so many hours to search a solution, without success. I know i can translate after the installation but it's not that i want to do. Thanks for answers

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Is there a settings.php in your /sites/default/ folder already, which contains both variables?

I experienced the same behavior with already existing database-config.

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There are probably values for this, but it's not on this file. Maybe in a file of the acquia profile. Anyway i give up this problem and apply languages after installation. Thank you even for your reply –  Reign.85 Apr 29 '13 at 7:28

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