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I'm using maven to build artifacts for use in a multi-language development (.net, java, native C++).

I'm using the npandy plugin, the native-maven-plugin, and the standard maven java plugins.

I want to create some common library artifacts that are available for all three of these languages, e.g.

  • commonLibrary.dll
  • commonLibrary.lib (win)
  • commonLibrary.a (unix)
  • commonLibrary.jar

conceptually it is the same artifact, just with a different extension, for use in a different language. I was attempting to use the maven classifier to distinguish them. However, this doesn't quite work.

the pom file for each of these artifact types has to be different by its packaging, hence the problem. i.e.

  • dotnet-library
  • lib
  • a
  • jar

any ideas how I can create all the artifacts, with the same artifact id ?


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Look at the maven-assembly-plugin. –  maba Apr 8 '13 at 16:56

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