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I have a set of vectors in the shape of a n by m matrix from which I would like to calculate m normplots superimposed. This is easy:


The normplot automatically colors each column of data, but I would like to control how they are colored. Specifically I need to make them greyscale. The first set of data (column 1) should be white (or close to white) and the last one black.

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As I have no Matlab installed I can only give a link to the corresponding help page from MathWorks: [Defining Your Own ColorOrder ](mathworks.de/de/help/matlab/creating_plots/…) – pwagner Apr 8 '13 at 13:12

By obtaining the handles to the plotted lines you could something like this:

close all;
n = 100;
m = 10;

% obtain the handle h to the dotted lines
h = normplot(doc);

% define colormap
g = colormap('gray');

for i = 1:m
    %set(h([1 11 21]),'color','r') % to set color to red
    %set(h([1 11 21]),'marker','o') % to change marker

    % mapping into greyscale color map (g has size 64x3)
    set(h([i i+m i+2*m]),'color',g(round(i * size(g,1)/m),:));

enter image description here

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