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This is my mongoid.yml

      database: myapp
      # Provides the hosts the default session can connect to. Must be an array
      # of host:port pairs. (required)
        - localhost:27017
      database: myapp
        - localhost:27017
        consistency: :strong
        # In the test environment we lower the retries and retry interval to
        # low amounts for fast failures.
        max_retries: 1
        retry_interval: 0
      database: remote_database
      username: remote_user
      password: 111111
        safe: true
    identity_map_enabled: true

My mongodb database is on other server different. The problem is that when I run this command:

bundle exec rake environment tire:import CLASS=Cv FORCE=true

My mongodb server is located on a different server from where I have my rails application with a different IP and a different subdomain.

So, if I run this command, mongoid don't find the mongodb server in localhost and I get the error in my production server:

Could not connect to any secondary or primary nodes for replica set <Moped::Cluster nodes=[<Moped::Node resolved_address="">]>

I need use my localhost mongodb database in my development environment and my remoteserver mongodb dabatase in production server.

I would like how fix this problem

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Well it doesn't matter where your database is located - as long as the information provided in your db.yml is correct, it should use correct settings based on rails environment. If it loads wrong database settings then RAILS_ENV is incorrect. If you want to execute a task on another environment use RAILS_ENV=production. – Magnuss Apr 8 '13 at 14:54
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Thank you to Magnuss and Durran. The response is:

rake environment tire:import CLASS='Object' FORCE=true RAILS_ENV=production

Add RAILS_ENV=production and the problem was fixed :).

Thank you!

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