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We use the html5-video-tag. Sometimes we get only one video-source (.mp4).

For browsers which does not support the html5-video - all is OK, there the fall-back method works:

    <object with flash></object>

Problem occurs if only a .mp4 is provided. The Firefox only displays "Kein Video mit unterstützem Format und Mime-Type gefunden". Yes Firefox cannot display .mp4 videos.

What can I do to force the Firefox (or any browser which does not support the mime-type) to show the alternative object-flash-section?

Exists an attribute for the html5-video-tag to force pass-through on error? Or can I catch an Event "onerror" ...?

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You can use JavaScript to detecter wether a file type is supported :

(function (video) {
    if (!video.canPlayType || !video.canPlayType('video/mp4')) {
        // Flash fallback

As said in HTML5 video, fallback to flash if no .ogv file

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