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I need to get the value from one query as a single row, separated by one separator, chosen but me, but it's a little tricky.

So, I have:

select employer from employers

I will return:

(line1)    Anne
(line2)    Sue
(line3)    Villy
(line4)    John
(nth line) Marry

I need to have the result as this:


Or at least:


Any hints? Thanks,

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declare @s varchar(max) = ''

select @s = case 
    when @s <> '' then  
        @s + ',''' + employer + ''''
        @s + '''' + employer + '''' end 
from employers

select @s
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Thanks a million. Saved me from cursors! It worked like a charm. Have a great day! –  BogdanM Apr 8 '13 at 13:57
SELECT STUFF((SELECT DISTINCT  ', ' + Employer AS [text()]
FROM Employers
FOR XML PATH ('')),1,1,'')
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