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How to you get the area of a MKPolygon or MKOverlay in iOS?

I have been able to breakup the Polygon into triangles and do some math to get the area. But, doesn't work well with irregular polygons.

I was thinking about doing something like the "A more complex case" here: http://www.mathopenref.com/coordpolygonarea2.html

I was hoping there is a simpler solution with MapKit.

Thanks, Tim

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I figured this out by doing a little loop through the points in the polygon. For every 3 points, I check if the center of that triangle is in the polygon. If it is continue, if not, connect the polygon so that there are no dips in the polygon. Once done, get the triangles in the polygon and do the math to get the area. Then subtract the triangles that were removed.

Hope this helps someone.

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Could be great if you can share code here. –  Shmidt Feb 19 '14 at 9:00
Share code please, if you have done. –  ravinder521986 Jul 9 '14 at 8:18

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