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I am running a java app (java 1.7) with hibernate 4.2.0 and I need to implement a schema based multi tenancy setup. I used this exampleto do that. my problem is that I was unable to figure out how to create the connection providers. the example uses:

    acmeProvider = ConnectionProviderBuilder.buildConnectionProvider( "acme" );
    jbossProvider = ConnectionProviderBuilder.buildConnectionProvider( "jboss" );

but ConnectionProviderBuilder is for testing use.

I tried to use the following:

    C3P0ConnectionProvider connectionProvider = new C3P0ConnectionProvider()
        public boolean supportsAggressiveRelease()
            return allowAggressiveRelease;


the problem here was that the C3P0ConnectionProvider has a null serviceRegistry which crush the with NPE.

does anyone have an idea on how to create ConnectionProvider for each tenant?



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