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I am trying to get the hang of semaphores. I have written a program which deals with semaphores and in which I have this function to create a single semaphore :

int semcreate()
    semp = semget(ftok("./output.txt", 'a'),1,IPC_CREAT|IPC_EXCL|0664);

    if(semp == -1) /*Semaphore exists, fetch*/
        printf("Semaphore fetched\n");
        semp = semget(ftok("./output.txt", 'a'), 1, 0);
    else if(semp>=0) /*Semaphore created here*/
        printf("Semaphore created\n");
        seminit(); /* Initialize semaphore*/
    return 1;

When I run this program from two separate terminals, both of the instances print Semaphore fetched. Is this the correct behaviour? Why?

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Probably the semaphore exists on the system. Use command ipcs to list all the semaphore in the system and remove the semaphore created by your program using ipcrm.

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