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raI setting up a script to generate vcard files from info in a wordpress custom post. It seems to work, but the resulting file is not accepted as valid by 'Contacts' on mac.

This is the file content:

N:Hans H;Hansen
FN:Hans H. Hansen
ORG:Chemical Tankers
TITLE:Managing Director
TEL;TYPE=WORK,VOICE:+47 55 55 55 55
TEL;TYPE=CELL,VOICE:+47 99 99 99 99
ADR;TYPE=WORK:;;Weravg 5, Os;Stavanger;P.O.Box 1225, Os;Norway
LABEL;TYPE=WORK:Weravg 5, Os, Stavanger Stavanger\r\nNorway

I even want to include these two lines, but I am not sure about the "postal" type address, so I’ll try that after the rest is ok:

ADR;TYPE=POSTAL:;;Weraveg 5, Os;Stavanger;P.O.Box 1225, Os;Norway
LABEL;TYPE=WORK:Weraveg 5, Os, Stavanger Stavanger\r\nNorway

Where is my error?

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The error, it turns out, doesn't show in the cited text: I had some spaces preceding the text in each line, which caused the trouble. – knottulf Apr 9 '13 at 7:15
A few comments: (1) The proper way to encode a newline in a property value is to use the \n escape sequence. The vCard consumer is required to decode this into the local system's newline sequence when parsing the vCard (so, \r\n for Windows). (2) There's no PREFIX property. If you need to specify a prefix, include it in the N property like so: N:Hans H;Hansen;;Mr;. (3) If you need to include a comma character inside of an ADR property, you should escape it with a backslash. Otherwise, it may not parse correctly. – Michael Apr 9 '13 at 12:54

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