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I have huge XML file with data like this:

<amount quantity="1">12.00</amount>

How can i replace the 12.00 with something else using sed?

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While sed is a very flexible tool for many textfile manipulations, esp. in combination with other pipe-enable shell commands, this really seems a better task for a quick-and-dirty XSLT pass. – hardmath Apr 8 '13 at 15:35
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Not really enough information in your question but to replace all values of 12.00 with say 24.00 you could do:

$ sed 's/>12\.00</>24.00</g' file.xml

If you are happy with the results you can store them back using the -i option:

$ sed -i 's/>12\.00</>24.00</g' file.xml

A more rubust match would be:

$ sed -r 's_(<amount quantity="[0-9]+">)12.00(</amount>)_\124.00\2_g' file.xml

But you should really parse the XML properly and not force regexp to do something it wasn't designed for.

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I was going to suggest using the closing tag </amount> to define the search pattern, following of course the 12.00. This would avoid problems with 12.00 appearing in other contexts. – hardmath Apr 8 '13 at 14:39
@hardmath that may be better but since the OP provided very little info it's impossible to say. – iiSeymour Apr 8 '13 at 14:41

xml="<amount quantity="1">12.00</amount>"
newxml=`echo $xml | sed -n "s/\(<amount[^>]*>\)\([^<]*\)\(<\/amount>\)/\113.37\3/gp"`
echo "$newxml"


$ ./ 
<amount quantity=1>13.37</amount>
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