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I am adding a select element to a Zend_Form instance as follows:

  $user = $form->createElement('select','user')->setLabel('User: ')->setRequired(true);
  foreach($users as $u)
    		if($selected == $u->id)
    			$user->addMultiOption($u->id,$u->firstname.' '.$u->lastname);
    			//*** some way of setting a selected option? selected="selected"

    			$user->addMultiOption($u->id,$u->firstname.' '.$u->lastname);

I have been searching the docs but cannot find a simple way of pre-setting an option of the select element to 'selected'.

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i think this should work:

$form->setDefault('user', 'value'); // Set default value for element
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That doesn't seem to work. I have set 'value' to the corresponding value of the <option> that i want to apply selected="selected" to but it does not get set to the selected state. – Tom Oct 19 '09 at 13:23
setDefault() is a form method. Tom's solution, setValue(), is an element method. It just depends which object you're working with when setting the value. – Sonny Sep 21 '10 at 19:11
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I've just worked out how to do it.

You have to use the setValue() method of the element:

$user = $form->createElement('select','user')->setLabel('User: ')->setRequired(true);
	foreach($users as $u)
		$user->addMultiOption($u->id,$u->firstname.' '.$u->lastname);

$user->setValue($selected); //$selected is the 'value' of the <option> that you want to apply selected="selected" to.
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        'label'        => 'ComboBox (select)',
        'value'        => 'blue',
        'multiOptions' => array(
            'red'    => 'Rouge',
            'blue'   => 'Bleu',
            'white'  => 'Blanc',

As above, you can use 'value' => 'blue' for making 'blue' => 'Bleu' selected.

I hope this will help you..

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this code helps us in creating an element through addElement rather than createElement above – emaillenin Feb 10 '11 at 5:16

To set default values you can try both setDefault or populate

$form->populate( $array_keypair_values );

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To increase the quality of your post please include how/why your answer will solve the problem. – 0x7fffffff Oct 3 '12 at 0:43

I just try following code to show drop-down value as selected from controller and it work fine.

$user->setValue($value); //$value is the 'value' of the and $user is the element of from.

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In Zend Framework 2 set the 'value' attribue. For example to default the Select to 'Yes':

    $this->add( array(
        'name'     => 'isFlexible',
        'type'     => 'Select',
        'options'  => array(
             'label'            => 'Is it flexible?'
            ,'label_attributes' => array( 'placement' => 'APPEND')
            ,'value_options'    => array(
                    ''  => 'Select Below',
                    '0' => 'No',
                    '1' => 'Yes',
                    '2' => 'N/A',
        'attributes' => array(
            'id'     => 'is_flexible',
            'value'  => 1,
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