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My scenario is the following:

As soon as background process starts, i want to generate dozens of tile background images using Deployment.Current.Dispatcher and then i would like to schedule Tile updates for every background that is generated.

I store all the generated images in /Shared/ShellContent/ and i am invoking the ShellTileSchedule in the following way:

var shellTileSchedule1 = new ShellTileSchedule
    StartTime = DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(1),
    RemoteImageUri = new Uri("")

However, it seem that ShellTileSchedule is not supported by the background process, or at least i wasn't able to find the support here:

Any hint or idea how can i solve my problem? Regular Tile Update(ShellTileData) is not an option as it only runs once every 30 minutes - what i need is custom Tile update several times in 30 minutes period.


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To update more frequently than the ShellTileSchedule allows you must outsource the generation and changing the tile image to a remote service, and use a Tile Push Notification to update the tile when appropriate.

Here is a good walkthrough.

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thanks for your feedback. I can confirm this as a valid answer, since no other mechanism within Windows Phone SDK cannot meet these requirements. – ljubomir Apr 15 '13 at 6:18

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