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I have created a dbf file using dbase_create() function in PHP. The file is successfully created but the problem is whenever I open the file in visual foxpro 9, it says

"File mydbffile.dbf is not marked with with a code page"

Then I need to select from the list of code pages.

Is there a way to set the code page automatically?

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You can specify NOCPTRANS for character fields when creating the table.

CREATE TABLE mytable (field1 C(10) NOCPTRANS, field2 C(10) NOCPTRANS, memo1 M NOCPTRANS)
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Thanks for the answer. But how can I do it in PHP using dbase_create()? I have searched it for answers and I came up with this: dbase_create("mytable",array("column1","C",30,0,true)) and I think that the "true" there is for the NOCPTRANS. Or am I wrong with that? – Nehross Montoya Apr 9 '13 at 1:35
But the code that I said above doesn't work. How can I tell dbase_create() that my table will have NOCPTRANS? – Nehross Montoya Apr 9 '13 at 1:44
Not being familiar with PHP connecting to a database, is there some connection string like it is typically done in .net? If so, I THINK there is an option to tell the default codepage. – DRapp Apr 12 '13 at 13:08

NOCPTRANS doesn't related to DBF file code page. You should specify it explicitly, as in CREATE TABLE clause. E.g.:

CREATE TABLE Table_Name CODEPAGE = 1251 (field1 C(10), field2 I(4))
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