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I got this route:

get %r{/content.json/([\w]+)/([\w]+)/} do

and it matches "/content.json/123/abc". But I would it like to match an arbitrary number of directories, like "/content.json/123/456/abc/def" and hand me the params like this:


How would the regular expression need to be written?

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A possible way to do this could be to match the subdirectories in a single group, and split them in the route itself:

get %r{/content.json/([\w\/]*)} do
  dirs = params[:captures][0].split("/");

With the request /content.json/123/456/abc/def, dirs would then contain the array ["123", "456", "abc", "def"].

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That is impossible. A single regex can have only a fixed number of captures (although some of them may end up capturing nil). If you set a limit on the depth, say four, then, you can do like this:

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