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Struggling to make the following code work in a view that manages a backbone collection:

class VGStream.Views.Scenarios.ScheduleRisks extends Backbone.View
  template: JST['backbone/templates/scenarios/schedule_risks']

  initialize: (options) ->
    Backbone.pubsub.on 'allSchedulesRemoved', @removeAllScheduleRisks, @

  removeAllScheduleRisks: =>
    for risk in @risks.models

  render: ->
    @$el.html @template @

I am just showing the relevant code snippet from the Coffeescript class view. This does not delete the 'risk' models either from the database or the list view itself. How should I do it? The event allSchedulesRemoved fires correctly when all schedules are removed. I want the associated risks to be removed as well from both the view as well as the database.

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  1. You don't always have to call super
  2. There are built-in @risks.each() method to loop through collections.
  3. Put fetch() in render() is not recommended.
  4. To clear the collection, you could do several @risks.remove(risk) or, after destroyed everything, reset the collection with an empty object.
  5. risk.destroy actually send a delete request to your backend, so whether it's deleted in server or not depends on your backend code.
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