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In the jQuery plugin boilerplate there is some great starting code for jQuery plugin development, but copying and pasting that code into a typescript and compiling causes the compilation to fail.

The error comes from the undefined argument which isn't called (on purpose), so the question is what modification needs to be made to make it compile. Can it just be removed?

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Make undefined optional:

// the semi-colon before function invocation is a safety net against concatenated
// scripts and/or other plugins which may not be closed properly.
; (function ($ : any, window, document, undefined?) {

// undefined is used here as the undefined global variable in ECMAScript 3 is
// mutable (ie. it can be changed by someone else). undefined isn't really being
// passed in so we can ensure the value of it is truly undefined. In ES5, undefined
// can no longer be modified.

This will allow the template to compile since undefined is not passed into the function.

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Perfect! Thanks! –  djbyter Apr 11 '13 at 14:26

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