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I'm running into some issues when configuring the properties of a new project template in netbeans.
I have my own script to build and run the project, so I have netbeans call the script in the "Run Command" area of the project properties. I just replaced

"${OUTPUT_PATH}"       # default command in the Run Command


runProject.sh          # location of my run script

However, I've created a template for new projects.

How do I get those settings to persist during the creation of a project?

EDIT: I did some looking, and it looks like the Run Command settings are stored in configurations.xml inside the nbproject/private/ folder.

Unfortunately, this folder doesn't seem to be copied over from the template when a new instance is created.

Therefore, I'm looking for a way to force the template to copy that file over.

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You should probably post a bug at the netbeans tracker and post the report here as an answer –  Mr_and_Mrs_D Jul 9 '13 at 23:23
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