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I assume it involves the view-port somehow, but I'm not good at mobile. I'd like to re-size my font and move my elements around.

I see that HTML 5 Boilerplate comes in a mobile form, how and when would I switch to that?

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I decided my question was not well thought out and decided to switch to the mobile BP for everything was css media queries. Thanks for the help. :) – Drazisil Apr 8 '13 at 18:21
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You may parse userAgent to know the mobile platform (iPhone,iPad,iPod,Android,Opera.*Android,BlackBerry,hpwOS,Windows PhoneOS, etc). And it is better to use @media query in css to take advantage of the screen dimension.

some reference:

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It depends on what you need to change.

To change Boilerplate to Boilerplate Mobile you could have a server-side condition and render a completely different page. If you are using some kind of dynamic framework or have direct access to the server you can check for User-Agent

Here is an article that explains how to use mobile-specific JS, CSS and HTML. Hope it helps.

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