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im having a website that loads a website into an iframe

 <iframe src="<?php echo $url ?>" id="exframe"></iframe>

what i want to do is in this website there are loads of images on top so once the iframe is loaded i want to slide to the bottom content

within the iframe, the website has the below classes and ids.

<div class="images"> </div>
<div id="slider"> </div>
<div class="blocks"> </div>
<div class="content"> </div>

i did try below code but it doesn't seem to be working for the elements withing the iframe


is there a specific way that i can apply the above code into a iframe?

any help will be appreciated

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If you're trying to access the contents of the iframe from the parent, you can use:


And if you know they'll be <div>s, use this selector: div.content to make it more efficient.

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