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I want to implement the following type of validations using Validation block. I am using EntLib 5.0 and in SQL Server database I am storing the validation rules. How to create the following validations using EntLib 5.0 Designer tool.

If(PaymentType == 'CreditCard')
         ErrorMsg = "Bill amount should greater than or equal to 100";
     else if (BillAmount + TaxAmount > CreditCardMaxLimit)
         ErrorMsg= "Credit card Max Amount limit is " + CreditCardMAxLimit;
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I don't think you're going to be able to use the designer, because that only works with pre-built validation options (Required, max length, etc). You're using custom logic.

I would recommend using Self Validation. Mark your object with the [HasSelfValidation] attribute and then mark your validation method with the [SelfValidation] attribute. See here:

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