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How to check if the string contains a valid vimeo url using javascript ?

Example : https://vimeo.com/23374724 is a valid url.

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I don't know what "a valid vimeo url" is, precisely. If you want it to begin with https://vimeo.com/ and be followed by an 8 digit number, this will do that:

var myurl = "https://vimeo.com/23374724";
if (/https:\/\/vimeo.com\/\d{8}(?=\b|\/)/.test(myurl)) { 
} else { 
    alert("doesn't match") 

It's kind of ugly, because of all the \/ escaped forward slashes, but what it does is look for the string I mentioned above, followed by a sequence of 8 digits that is followed by any zero-width word boundary or another forward slash.

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Try with a regex?


This should, if it start with a protocol, require it be "http://" or "https://". Then optionally have "www.". Then have "vimeo.com/". Then have a series of digits.

It's up to you what you want to require and make optional. I would think that everything but the "www." should be required, but I'm not sure of the input you're receiving/testing. To make it required, remove the ? from the specific group (the ? comes after the group it affects).

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You can use the following regex:


The id of the video will be captured in group 1, if you need to use that. You can see it in action on debuggex.

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