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below is my php pagination code. I want to add color to my current page number in pagination layout. Someone please look at the code below as i don't know much about php and help me writing current page number color code. Everything is working very well with this code except it's not highlighting the current page number. I have added current page color, then i realized it has something to do with pagination code.

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you need to replace

if ($counter == $page) {
    $pagination. = " <a href=\"{$targetpage}{$counter}\">{$counter}</a> ";


if ($counter == $page) {
    $pagination. = " <a href=\"{$targetpage}{$counter}\" class=\"current\">{$counter}</a> ";

and add following rule in your css

a.current{background: #f00; color:#fff; border: 1px solid #000} /*change it however you like*/
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hurray its working!! my stupidity on CSS. Thanks a lot Mr. Ejay. A savior. –  boomu Apr 8 '13 at 18:16
that's great to know. I hope you've learnt the concept that made it work. –  Ejay Apr 8 '13 at 18:39

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