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I would like to export a 3d plot done using Octave and to show it interactively using a web browser.

I would be able to rotate the plot as if I was seeing it directly using Octave.

Is there any way to do this?

I tried to search a bit but I have not found anything useful. I found something for R here R: using rgl to generate 3d rotatable plots that can be viewed in a web browser? but I don't know how to do this in Octave).

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Octave itself creates 3d charts, but they are not interactive:

So you'll have to use another application and have octave feed data into 3d interactive charting software so that users can play with it on a webpage.

"Processing" tool for 3d interactive charting

software from ( could help you. You will be responsible for exporting the raw data from octave into the format acceptable for the interactive 3d plots.

webMathematica 3.2 tool for 3d interactive charting

software from ( that you can embed into your web page that can generate interactive and dynamic 2d and 3d content for users to play with.

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