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I have a file which contains this line.


sls="N" stnid="armID"
sls="N" stnid="C-ARM #11 w^Aw^Aw^A^Sg^Aw"
sls="N" stnid="virtualID"

For I which I want an output like

sls="N" stnid="armID"
sls="N" stnid=""
sls="N" stnid="virtualID"

I want to sed "C-ARM #11 w^Aw^Aw^A^Sg^Aw" and replace it with a blank.

The issue is that there is no regular expression I could find which will replace it.

I have tried sed -e s//^//g s/A//g myfile > newfile.

It didn't work.

One more issue is that when I CAT myfile, it doesnt show me the ^A & ^S characters. File looks like this.

sls="N" stnid="armID"
sls="N" stnid="C-ARM #11 wwwgw"
sls="N" stnid="virtualID"

Please help, thanks in Advance.


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If you don't see them when you cat the file, they're control-A characters, not ^ followed by A. – Barmar Apr 8 '13 at 18:44

^A and ^S are text representations of non-printable ASCII characters. The strings do not actually contain the substrings "^A" and "^S". I believe ^A is ascii code 1 and ^S is 19. To include raw ASCII characters in your sed input, use $(echo "\001") and $(echo "\013").

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Thanks a lot for your help. – ppal Apr 8 '13 at 19:15

It looks like those are control characters (^A is actually the non-printing character with ASCII code 1). I can think of two ways to deal with this. First, try matching the

# If you get the pattern of characters right, this will work:
sed -e 's/C-ARM #11 w.w.w..g.w//' myfile > newfile

# This will be less precise, but should still work:
sed -e 's/C-ARM #11 .*"/"/' myfile > newfile

Or use cat to convert those non-printing characters to printing characters, then use sed:

cat -A myfile > myfile.fixed
sed -e 's/C-ARM #11 w^Aw^Aw^A^Sg^Aw//' myfile.fixed > newfile
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Thanks a lot , It worked. – ppal Apr 8 '13 at 19:15

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