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I'm going crazy trying to do a simple file upload for twitter using scribe, play framework and jquery mobile.

Please, anyone can help to set the correct parameters to send a file via $.ajax to play framework?

Controller method:

 public static Result postMediaJson() {"**** postMediaJson ****");"uid=" + uid);

    if (uid == null) {
        ObjectNode result = Json.newObject();
        result.put("accessTokenNull", "1");"8.accessTokenNull");
        return ok(result);

    Token accessToken = (Token) Cache.get(uid + "accessToken");"accessToken=" + accessToken);

    if (accessToken == null) {
        ObjectNode result = Json.newObject();
        result.put("accessTokenNull", "1");"9.accessTokenNull");
        return ok(result);

    OAuthRequest request = new OAuthRequest(Verb.POST, UPDATEMEDIA_RESOURCE_URL);
    service.signRequest(accessToken, request);"service=" + service);


        String vparam = form().bindFromRequest().get("status");"vparam=" + vparam);

        MultipartFormData body = request().body().asMultipartFormData();
        FilePart resourceFile = body.getFile("picture");

        if (resourceFile != null) {
            String fileName = resourceFile.getFilename();
            String contentType = resourceFile.getContentType();
            File file = resourceFile.getFile();

  "Justo antes");

            if (file != null && vparam != null) {


                // added lines
                //String myUploadPath = Play.application().configuration().getString("myUploadPath");
                //file.renameTo(new File(myUploadPath, fileName));

                MultipartEntity entity = new MultipartEntity();


                entity.addPart("status", new StringBody(vparam)); // THIS IS THE TWITTER MESSAGE


                entity.addPart("media", new FileBody(file)); // THIS IS THE PHOTO TO UPLOAD


                ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();




                request.addHeader(entity.getContentType().getName(), entity.getContentType().getValue());


                ObjectNode result = Json.newObject();
                result.put("accessTokenNull", "1");
                return ok(result);

            ObjectNode result = Json.newObject();
            result.put("accessTokenNull", "1");
            return ok(result);

    }catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {"UnsupportedEncodingException");
    }catch (IOException e) {"IOException");
    }catch (NullPointerException e) {"NullPointerException");
        ObjectNode result = Json.newObject();
        result.put("accessTokenNull", "1");"12.accessTokenNull");
        return ok(result);

    Response response = request.send();

    if ( 0L == Analytic.incPokes() )"Creating first poke with media of today.");

    return ok(Json.toJson(response.getBody())); 


Html page:

<div data-role="header" data-theme="a">
    <a href="#pageDashboard" data-transition="slide" data-role="button" data-theme="a" data-mini="true" data-direction="reverse">Volver</a>

<div data-role="content">
    <form id="frmPostMedia" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="@routes.Application.postMediaJson()" data-ajax="false">
        <label for="taMPost">¿Qué está pasando?:</label>
        <textarea cols="40" rows="7" maxlength="140" id="status" name="status"></textarea>
        <div id="lblMCount"></div>
        <input type="file" id="picture" name="picture" />
        <input type="submit" data-transition="slide" data-theme="a" data-mini="true" value="Enviar" />

And coffeescript:

  $("#pagePostMedia").on 'pageinit', (event) ->

      $("#frmPostMedia").on 'submit', (event) ->
return alert "No puedes pedir apoyo con un mensaje en blanco. ¡Intenta escribir un mensaje inspirador!"if $("#status").val().length < 3  

$("#frmPostMedia").attr("enctype", "multipart/form-data")
$("#frmPostMedia").attr("encoding", "multipart/form-data")

formData = new FormData($(this)[0])

$.ajax '/postMediaJson',
type: 'POST'  
data: formData
contentType: 'multipart/form-data'
processData: false
cache : false
async: false
success: (data)->
  alert JSON.stringify(data)
error: (data)->
  alert "ERROR="+ JSON.stringify(data)

$("#pagePostMedia").on 'pageshow', (event) ->

      res = 140 - $("#status").val().length

      $("#lblMCount").html("Te quedan  <strong>" + res + "</strong> caracteres.")

   $("#status").on 'keyup', (event) ->

      res = 140 - $("#status").val().length

      $("#lblMCount").html("Te quedan  <strong>" + res + "</strong> caracteres.") 

The result request().body().asMultipartFormData() is always null :-(

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1 Answer 1

You may need to set the following:

contentType: false

I know this worked for me. A more detailed explanation:

Sending multipart/formdata with jQuery.ajax

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